How to Be a Leader That Everyone Admires

As a leader, you know that there are different ways to manage teams. Your style depends on experience, outlook, and beliefs. In this article at Business News Daily, Sammi Caramela describes 4 steps that every leader should follow to inspire people.

Every Leader Should Know These 4 Steps

Peter Economy has listed nine qualities that great leaders have in an Inc.com article—“decisiveness, awareness, focus, accountability, empathy, confidence, optimism, honesty, inspiration.” Mind Tools and Harvard Business Review pointed out some prevalent leadership styles—“coercive, authoritative, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting, coaching, bureaucratic, charismatic, servant, transactional.” So, as a leader, you are likely to fall into one of the categories. Below are some common traits that would make people admire you.

  1. Setting the Theme: One Click Ventures CEO and co-founder Randy Stocklin says that leaders encourage people to work independently and take ownership of tasks. They find satisfaction in mentoring people to reach their full potential. As a leader, you share your visions clearly so that the team is motivated to work for a purpose. The faith and positive attitude your personality evoke make them feel acknowledged.
  2. Knowledgeable About Team Capabilities and Aspirations: Leaders should know what each member of the team can do. This helps them to motivate and direct team members as well as align them with company strategy. Jordan French, CMO of BeeHex, Inc. 3D Food Printing, remarks that leaders need to provide the necessary tools, set the right work environment, and appreciate a job well done. You should also take responsibilities for wrong outcomes.
  3. A Matured Optimism: In a crisis, it is leaders that people look up to for inspiration. David Moore, founding partner and regional vice president of Addison Group, says that you must be emotionally mature to handle tough situations. You should find positivity even in the darkest of moments. Darcy Eikenberg, the founder of RedCapeRevoltion.com, adds that you should recognize your blunders, learn from them, and move on. Andrea Walker-Leidy, the owner of Walker Publicity Consulting, notes that leaders take roadblocks as challenges and solve them.
  4. Inspiring Others to Become Leaders: YapStone co-founder, chairman, and CEO Tom Villante says that great leaders encourage others to follow their path and help them develop necessary.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/3647-leadership-definition.html

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