Ask Yourself 4 Questions Before Changing Jobs

After the recession hit in 2007, it lasted for 10 years. During this period, companies have either let go of their best-paid employees or added more responsibilities to their job descriptions. They were either never given their old position or never paid better afterward. Companies concentrated more on enhancing processes by introducing new technologies. Due to these changes, they preferred skilled new employees to old ones. However, things are more favorable now. Retail, GDP, home sales, and improved employment rates all show a major economic growth in the upcoming years. In this article at, Roger Lear shares 4 questions you should ask yourself before considering a job change.

Check Out These 4 Questions

Companies were of the notion that employees prefer a steady job to a pay hike. Additionally, as an employee, you think you need more training to get another job. There might be a thousand reasons for not changing jobs. But things are changing now. Companies are ready to pay you as they want to reduce attrition of skilled employees. The Dow Jones Industry Average has gone up from 7,982 in 2009 to 24,000 in 2018. Companies cannot afford to lose high-value employees if they want to benefit from this growth index. However, before you switch jobs, you should have satisfactory answers to the following questions.

1.    Are You in the Same Salary Slab for Over Three Years?

Loving what you do should also pay what you rightfully deserve. There are companies out there that might pay you more for the same thing. However, before you start searching for another job, give your present company a preference and ask for a hike. It would be a loss otherwise to leave current employment when the employers are already rolling out a promotion.

2.    Are There Similar Jobs with Better Exposure Than Yours?

When you get comfortable in a job environment, you tend to miss opportunities outside. Look out for similar jobs that give you better exposure, like an onsite opportunity. Subscribe to job portals to get newsletters about new openings.

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3.    Do You Do the Same Work Every Day?

Though you might have a great rapport with the boss and enjoy fun-filled team outings frequently, you are not learning anything new in the job. With companies gearing up for digital transformation, this is the time to enhance skills. To push your boundaries, search for jobs that challenge you. Accept offers only if the job description excites you to scale up.

4.    Do You Want to Switch to a New Career?

You are great at your job, but you want to try out something new. There are thousands of legitimate online training courses that can help you start a new career. Research and receive training before leaving your comfort zone.

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