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8 Simple Tips to Create a Fun Workplace

While hiring, you look out for employees that have the required skills. However, managers often forget that employees also contribute to the team environment. When you are rushing to meet deadlines and addressing issues, the only thing that lightens up the stressed atmosphere is a joke. In this article at, Michael Kerr gives out 8 simple ways to add humor to your workplace.

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

When you introduce humor at work, you improve team morale and overall productivity, help them open up by controlling stress, and prevent employees from resigning or skipping work. Humor also strengthens the bond between you and the team. Following are the 8 creative ways you can create a fun workplace.

Lighten Up

It is okay to get your guards down once in a while. Let your employees know the funnier side of you. This helps them trust you more. Being serious and talking about work all the time does not encourage new ideas and increase the stress level unnecessarily.

Be Serious About Humor

Adding humor to work does not mean throw practiced one-liners in meetings. This will only worsen the culture as employees will wonder what your real self is. Be you. Share an actual funny incident.

Be Spontaneous

It does not cost a lot to make people smile. Hang a humor bulletin board near your workstation. Add a funny line in casual emails or group chats. Lighten up the mood with some spontaneous jokes after an intense training session to encourage others to share theirs.

Create a Shared Memory

Read out a WhatsApp joke that is apt for your team. You can also share some antics that you experienced while working in the organization. Creating this shared memory helps your team members become a part of the organization.

Be Sensitively Humorous

Companies promote diversity in organizations. People coming from various background have various levels of sensitivity. Be careful not to offend anybody by cracking a biased joke on religion, gender, or race. Laugh at yourself rather.

Hire People with a Good Sense of Humor

Tensed candidates will not be witty during interviews, but you can test their sense of humor. As per NASA, future astronauts should have a sense of humor because they will help refresh the minds of their isolated, overworked coworkers.

Fun Should Be the Core Value

Though fun seems a distant reality, you should include it as the core value at your workplace. The only way to prevent employees’ suffering creative blocks is having serious fun. If you want a productive team, laughter is a good therapy.

Be the Fun Enabler

Employees look up to you as you set the mood for the organization or team. If you are serious about work, so are they. If you can balance fun and work, so will they. Enable your team to be serious about work, but also share some light moments to create memories.

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