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4 Skills That Employers Are Ready to Pay for

To get the best-paying job, you must learn new skills. Just doing your daily job and filling out timesheets for a livelihood cannot be rewarding for your career. There should be a key differentiator that compels employers to hire you or give you that much-awaited pay hike. A recent survey done by MONEY and reveals that there are four key skills that employers look forward to in their employees. In this article at Time Inc., Kerri Anne Renzulli and her co-authors talk about the four skills that employees are ready to pay for.

Key Talents Most Valuable for Employers

Lydia Frank, editorial director at, says you should keep on learning new skills as being “stagnant” does not up your game. The above-mentioned report also confirms that employers are ready to pay a good amount if you have the skills they want.

Scoop Out Real Information from Available Data

Traci Fiatte, a group president at Randstad, remarks that individuals generate more data in a single hour than before. With the help of today’s software, it is easier to gather data, store, and use them to attract new customers, bring in new features in existing services, and deliver a relevant line of products or services. However, all this is possible if employers have resources that can arrange, study, and help use this huge of amount of data. If you are skilled in SAS, you get a 6.1% pay hike. Similarly, you earn 5.1% hike for data mining and warehousing and 5% for data modeling.

Know How to Analyze Profit and Loss

Thomas Lys, a professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, informs that many executives today do not know how to analyze a financial statement and predict if the company’s business trajectory would show profitable growth in the future. So, you will earn 5% more if you are good in contract negotiation and 4% more with advanced skills in financial analysis.

Relevant Technical Skills Are the Need of the Hour

Though a recent LinkedIn report suggests that 19 out of 25 most valuable skills are IT-related, Katie Bardaro, vice president at, claims skills specific to relevant areas are more in demand among employers. If you are skilled in search engine marketing, they would willingly pay you 5% more than your colleagues. This holds true for resources who have expertise in customer service metrics (4.3%) and SAP material management (3.9%).

Be a Master Strategist

Strategic project management and project planning are two of the most valued skills. As you earn your way up the corporate ladder, employers would expect you to point out key differentiators to drive business benefits rather than just deliver work on time. Employees with skills in strategic planning earn 4.3% more and business analysis 3.8% extra.

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