3 Key Steps to Transform Your Leadership Skills

Travis Greenwood was baffled when Skip, vice president of an association management firm, asked if the friends he was referring to for internship roles in the firm were smarter than the VP himself. Skip explained later that having smarter people around not only made him look good but also helped in the future growth of the company. After becoming the CEO and President of The Greentree Group, Greenwood too followed the same strategy while hiring resources. In this article at Forbes, Aileron shares his views about leadership.

Running a Company

Greenwood, who is the second-generation leader of the family-owned business, has imbibed a lot of skills through observations and failures. There are three areas you need to focus on to become an exceptional leader.

Learn from Past Mistakes

While trying out new ventures, it is common to face critical losses. Sometimes these losses are not because you do not have good resources or the concerned team was not working hard enough. Wrong business decisions can be the key catalyst behind such failures. Instead of playing the blame game, Greenwood recommends that after learning your lessons, implement them in your future decision-making process.

Treat Your Employees Well

Industries are more open to new ideas than ever before. Encourage your employees to bring new ideas to the table. By listening to their thought processes, you are forming an inclusive culture where every opinion matters. This is a great boost on the psychological front as employees feel they are adding value to the growth of the company.

Enhance Future Leadership Abilities

A leader cannot shoulder all the responsibilities. Instead of solving problems, empower your employees to come up with solutions. This habit improves their analytical power and allows them to think from a strategic point of view.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/aileron/2018/02/05/why-this-business-owner-only-hires-people-smarter-than-him/2/#a5ed48c2eb27

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