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Why More People Are Opting for Admin Jobs

People currently working in administration admit how the nature of their job is changing and helping them to push their boundaries. They cannot take up admin job just for the sake of livelihood and the work profile requires more than just catering to callers. In this article at CareerOne, Cara Jenkin insists how administration jobs cannot be stereotyped any longer.

It’s More Substantial Than You Think It Is

If you are fresh out of college or want to try out new roles, administration is the field for you. It gives you the chance to meet experienced C-suite professionals from whom you can derive inspiration. You acquire skills that allow you to move up the ladder faster. As every organization needs an administrative body, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations predicts 18,500 new receptionist jobs, 17,100 project, contract, or program management jobs, 16,200 office management jobs, and 14,800 clerical positions will be created soon.

Career Opportunities

Today’s youth as well as career consultants do not consider administrative jobs as a high-scaling one. However, Linda Primavera, SA President of Australian Institute of Office Professionals, believes that this job profile can open new avenues for freshers. You can hone the basic corporate skills which are needed everywhere you apply.

It’s Not Typical

Gone are the days when secretaries just wrote letters as their bosses dictated, as per Recruiters Hays Office Support. All departments require able administrators, front desks need good receptionists, and enterprises want smart office managers to address issues faster and aid in the smooth running of a company. Lisa Morris, senior regional director, states that you can scale up to become a CEO’s personal assistant or advisor and know the nuances of the business world from close quarters.

Room to Develop Professionally

72 percent of more jobseekers opted for personal assistant and secretarial roles in the last 10 years, and at least one of 10 candidates were in their twenties. To grow professionally having a college degree is not sufficient. There are career development courses you can enroll into to make sure you are ready to take up more substantial roles like administrative officer or project officer.


Flexibility offered in administrative jobs also attracts people. You can decide the workhours and even choose the sector you want to work for. All you need is a bit of research on the company and the nature of the offered job. It is a good career option for women who constantly juggle between family and career.

Necessary Skills

Though you can acquire corporate skills on the job, you need to have some personal skills like multi-tasking and people management. Being a secret keeper is also a part of the job. Though basic skills like noting down minutes of a meeting is expected from you, you also need to be open about learning new technologies adopted by the company.

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