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4 Tips to Plan Your Career Efficiently

Employees receive an average of 122 emails per day and 62 per month. Neither the managers nor the management find the time to analyze how to best utilize available resources. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Dorie Clark shares with you four tips to help plan your career efficiently.

Plan Your Career Path

Nobody will care about your career more than you. A manager must handle an entire team and stakeholders are more worried about their money than your personal growth in the company. So, sit down and chalk out the areas you need to improve and set deadlines within which you should achieve these goals.

Scoop Out Time for Your Development

You are super busy with your work and hardly get time to breathe in between. However, set apart a time to analyze your career graph and look for opportunities that can enhance professional skills. Form a group of high-performing colleagues who could challenge you with new areas and provide constructive feedback regarding your progress.

Know What the Next Step Is

Before learning new skills, you must know how useful those skills would be. Decide the direction you want to take and pick up relevant skills only. The author suggests writing your resume by putting yourself five years ahead along with the desired designation and job responsibilities. Add the skills you must acquire in between these years. This will help you understand the areas you need to scale up, the certifications you must earn, and the roles you should fulfill each year to reach that goal.

Invest in Quality Work

As a fresher, you are rewarded when you achieve targets well within tight deadlines. However, when you move up the ladder, quality is more important than quantity. You are expected to think out of the box and bring impactful and beneficial changes to the organization. Though you might not get rewarded soon, this will prove beneficial in the future.

Give Yourself Maximum Visibility

As per a study done by Matthew Bidwell, people hired from outside of the company are paid 18-20 percent more while the skilled employees in the organization are taken for granted. So, go ahead and create a persona outside your organization by writing for industry leaders, participating in conferences, and building a rapport with influential personalities. Getting credibility from outside will force your organization to take your capabilities into consideration.

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