How to Become an Influential Leader: 5 Steps

Image of leadership is changing and so is the style. Your CIO can be a college graduate running a multi-million-dollar company or an innovator coming up with new ideas every day. However, all these leaders do some things in common. In this article at Entrepreneur, Gwen Moran discusses with you five steps that Peter Handal, a chief executive of New York City-based Dale Carnegie Training, thinks can make you an influential leader.

Step Up to Inspire

As per Handal, today’s leaders should inspire people with their enthusiasm and give them the freedom to try new areas. Confronting challenges, gaining trust of your colleagues, being the real you, setting an example for others, and being enthusiastic about learning new things are the five areas he suggests you can work on.

Confronting Challenges Honestly

Leaders are captains that do not leave their ships but confront situations valiantly. It can be a CIO of a company that braves an economic showdown upfront or a project manager that helps confused team members align themselves to project objectives. Communicate to your team what your visions are, where you want the team or organization to be, and reveal the challenges they might face in the process. Being transparent will instill faith in your team.

Gaining Trust

Your staff will open up when they learn that they can trust you. Ask them about their hobbies and listen to their stories of their personal life. This will give you an insight into their interests and skills and find out opportunities where they can showcase their skills. If your employees are lagging, the best way to help them come up to speed is tell them honestly and impersonally where they are lacking and how this affects the health of your team or organization. They will know that they have you on their side and will make a genuine effort to scale up.

Being Real

Be the real you at workplace. You are spending half the day with them. Keeping up a show will get you tired and frustrated. Your individuality also influences your team. Let them know your quirky side instead of making them doubt your credibility as a leader.

Setting an Example

As a leader, you are always looked up to by your team or organization. How you react to certain situations, how you carry yourself, how you deal with your subordinates and sponsors, etc. are observed closely by them. If you do not follow what you preach, your words are less likely to be taken seriously in your own organization. This will also affect your relationship with the business partners.

Learning New Things

Having an aim to learn something new every day helps you reinvent yourself faster. Good leaders are open to innovative ideas and are curious to find out ways in which they can scale up. Inspire yourself to unlearn old ways and join communities to know about the latest trends.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/227012

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