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How to Make Yourself Stand Out to the CIO

Really driven young IT professionals have a major question on their minds as they start in their careers: “How do I get noticed by the big fish in the organization?” Well, one way is to corner them in the bathroom and insist that they connect with you on LinkedIn immediately. But save that approach as a plan B. For your plan A, consider this advice from Carla Rudder at the Enterprisers Project instead. She has collected tips from various CIOs on the right ways to stand out in your IT career:

  • Over-deliver on work.
  • Be a team player.
  • Think through a situation before you talk.
  • Solve a business problem unprompted.
  • Volunteer for special projects.
  • Support others throughout the team.
  • Get out of your safety zone.
  • Demonstrate resilience.

Stand Proud

Good employees do as they are told. Great employees do as they are told, but also deliver something of additional, unexpected value on top. Nobody is ever angry to receive more value, so over-delivering on work will almost always be a good thing. That being said, do not force the spotlight to be on yourself all the time; IT is now more than ever a place for team players. You need to show a willingness to collaborate with those around for you results. Give everyone turns to speak, and reflect on what you are learning before you contribute to the conversation.

Here a few more ways to stand out, according to Vish Narendra, CIO at Graphic Packaging International:

I think three things stand out. One, you’ve got to be willing to take risks. You can’t have everything handed to you in the safe zone. If that’s the case, you’re not really separating yourself from the pack. Two, take the roles that nobody else wants, and you’ll get a bargaining chip for the future. Take on a stretch assignment, because it’ll help you expand your skill set. Third, while trying to stand out, make sure that you’re a team player. Some of the most successful people I’ve worked with shine on their own when necessary but stand out as team players.

For further elaboration on these points, you can view the original article here:

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