91 Percent of 1,000 Employees Say Their Bosses Lack This One Critical Skill

Yep, you can already guess what the skill is—communication. A study from Interact/Harris Poll yields this insight. Granted, it has been argued elsewhere that, in some cases, blaming poor communication is actually just a symptom of even deeper systemic problems in a business. But at some point, managers must shoulder the blame for these systemic problems as well. Marcel Schwantes shares several more alarming finger-pointing statistics in an article at Inc.:

Not recognizing employee achievements — reported by 63 percent of respondents

Not giving clear directions — 57 percent

Not having time to meet with employees — 52 percent

Refusing to talk to subordinates — 51 percent

Taking credit for others’ ideas — 47 percent

Not offering constructive criticism — 39 percent

Not knowing employees’ names — 36 percent

Refusing to talk to people on the phone/in person — 34 percent

Not asking about employees’ lives outside of work — 23 percent

The faulty nature of the business structure certainly cannot be blamed for all of these problems. These are real issues that all managers must address in their leadership style. The business world is changing, and gradually, those who cannot adjust to a more empathetic and team-oriented attitude will be pushed out. Consider this your wakeup call, if you need one.

You can view further recommendations at Schwantes’s article:

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