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3 Career Questions to Ask Yourself during Every Project

It always pays to take a moment to put things in perspective, especially with something as important as your career. In a post at Consultant’s Mind, John Kim helps provide you that perspective with three simple questions. You can ask yourself these questions about every project you work on, and they will help you understand how the projects you have worked on compare over time. In turn, you might see if your projects are aligning with your ambitions too.

Three Career Questions

  • What are you doing on the project?
  • How well are you performing on the project?
  • What are you learning?

You can answer each of these questions and then approximate a grade on a 10-point scale for each answer. For instance, if you are doing really exciting, strategic work on a project, you might score the “What” as a 10. If you are only getting along averagely well with your workload, you would grade yourself a 5 for “How.” And if you are doing a project where everything is extremely familiar and hardly any of it is new to you, might score a 1 for “Learning.”

If you do this with every project you are engaged on, you will be able to see at a glance which jobs have provided you the most excitement, the greatest challenges, and the most learning. It might also help you understand the types of work or business where you are most engaged. Kim goes on to add this:

… the key takeaway might be that every project, every job, every class you take at school, has it’s good and bad. There is a balanced scorecard to consider:

  • What is the content? Is it what you are interested in?
  • How well are you doing? Are you a rock star at it?
  • Is this making you a more valuable [employee]?

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