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Skills to Help You Get Noticed by Hiring Companies in 2018

Workplaces are evolving, and you should evolve with them. Or at the very least, you should do your best to fake that impression during job interviews. In any case, in an article for Simplilearn, Eshna Verma shares some of the skills and qualities that will make you look good in 2018.

New and Old Approaches

The skills and qualities that Verma recommends can be loosely bunched into two groups: obvious evergreens, and new-school practices. The obvious evergreens include stuff like being creative, having integrity, and having communication skills. These are just things you are expected to possess in some way or another. Nobody ever lists a job with a “Must be incapable of basic human interaction” requirement.

The new-school practices however consist of things like employing data-based decision-making, or taking an agile approach to work. About the former, Verma writes this:

Companies expect employees to own their roles and be able to anticipate and resolve any challenges in project execution. A McKinsey study indicates that the ROI has increased up to 7 percent after organizations have worked on minimizing the effect of bias in their decision-making process. Professionals must be able to examine and analyze the causes contributing to a problem, provide alternative interventions, and implement effective solutions. They should also be able to track critical performance metrics and assess the effectiveness of their corrective measures.

The ability to work in an agile way goes hand in hand with this, in that agile has a predilection for action and learning over a prolonged wait-and-see decision-making process. Employees need to be willing to tolerate and work with a certain level of uncertainty, since that is just the direction business is headed.

For elaboration on these concepts, you can view the original article here:

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