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Benefits of Career Development Mentoring

Mentoring usually sounds like a great idea on paper, but in practice, not a ton of people actually take advantage of it. This is true at the individual employee level and also at the HR level, where it would be possible to create a mentoring program in the company. In either case, the setup and ongoing maintenance of mentoring sounds like a level of effort most are not willing to spend.

But do not let that initial hurdle be the end of the conservation. Think the benefits through first. For instance, mentoring is one of the most straightforward business arrangements for garnering sincere, constructive feedback on your performance. Many people are afraid of hurting feelings, but a mentor is there specifically to guide you to improvement. They are there to impart their wisdom and make the march toward achieving your career goals a little less treacherous.

Plus—and this is no small thing—mentors have access to wider, richer networks than you, and they can plug you into that network. This increases your visibility in the company and opens you up to further opportunities. Are you sure you cannot make time to seek a mentor?

For further thoughts, you can view this article at Insala:

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