The Steps to Successful High-Level Talent Acquisition

In IT especially, skill gaps are the norm. Nobody has all the in-house talent that they would like to have, and competition is fierce to acquire high-performing professionals as they appear in the talent pool. In an article for, Natalie Hoffmann offers some surface steps for finding and winning talent.

Steps to New Talent

  1. Use customized compensation market data, perhaps informed by a third-party, and use that as a basis for building your recruitment strategy.
  2. Assess candidates for their education, depth and breadth of experience, demonstrated ability, and cultural fit.
  3. Draft the external job posting.
  4. Recruit multiple active and passive candidates. It is important to maintain a pipeline of contacts; skilled workers who are not actively looking for another job now probably will be eventually.
  5. Identify top candidates for face-to-face interviews.
  6. Draft an offer to the top candidate, catered to appeal to the interests of that specific candidate. Do not use blanket offers.
  7. Perform a background check on the top candidate to avoid costly oversights.

Hoffmann presents a lot of these tips in the form of how a third-party recruiting firm would handle these steps, no doubt as a way to try and sell her own HR business’s services. But still, the general principles are sound. You can view further elaboration on these points at the original article:

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