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One in Four IT Workers Are Worried Their Skills Will Become Obsolete

A survey of 820 IT professionals by CompTIA has yielded some positive and not-so-positive numbers. The latter regards that nearly a quarter of workers are worried their skills will become obsolete. Is the fear well founded? If your expertise is COBOL, then no, probably not. Mainframes continue to exist, and COBOL continues to be needed.  But if your expertise is Flash, then… you probably oughta get a new expertise. Fifty-one percent of respondents are interested in exploring cybersecurity-related work, so maybe that is the new frontier to consider if you are feeling anxious with your current skills.

At any rate, there are also rosier data points in the survey. For instance, 73 percent of employees feel their job “provides them with a sense of personal accomplishment,” which I think is actually a pretty good number. What do you think? Are you feeling like you are making a difference?

If you are in that other 27 percent, then consider going to your boss to ask for new challenges or responsibilities. You deserve to feel good about what you do for a living, but you also have to be willing to take the initiative to get yourself to that point. This same attitude applies to future-proofing your career from dangers of obsolescence.

Anyway, for some additional discussion on the survey, you can view this article at Fast Company:

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