5 Ways to Be a Leader When Managing Isn’t Enough

I think it is fair to say people have gone overboard in distinguishing the differences between leaders and managers; it is ultimately just a squabble over semantics. But it is still important to know when to use one set of skills over another. In cases where the skills traditionally associated with management are not working out, it is time to dip into the leadership toolbox. In a post for Be Leaderly, Jo Miller describes some ways to exhibit leadership as provided by Jennifer Hill, CFO for Global Banking and Global Markets at Bank of America.

Lead If You Need To

The first point of advice is to listen more and speak less, which is probably something you have heard six thousand times by now, so it does not warrant further elaboration. The second tip is not to overvalue consensus. Consensus is valuable when you can arrive at it in a timely manner, but when time is in short supply, decisive action is more important.

The third tip is to never identify a problem and then just wait for other people to come up with a solution. Rather, you should always involve yourself to a reasonable extent in seeking solutions. Do not deflect responsibility.

Along those same lines, the fourth tip is to “apologize publicly and gloat privately”:

True leaders don’t just praise publicly and criticize privately. They are also humble enough to apologize publicly and gloat privately.

“You don’t see leaders bragging about their success,” said Jennifer. “They talk about their team and their team’s contributions. And if they feel really good about themselves, they do it at home or with a close friend but not publicly.” A leader will apologize and take accountability their actions.

The final tip is that leaders do not avoid difficult conversations. For instance, if someone is not living up to expectations in his or her role, then a leader needs to have a course-correcting conversation. Putting such a talk off hurts everybody, even the person whose feelings you might be trying to spare.

You can view the original post here: http://www.beleaderly.com/5-ways-leader-manager/

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