7 Soft Skills and How They Elevate Your Career

How do you stand out from the rest of the pack in your career? One way is to have awesome technical skills, but how to prove the depth of your skills or the effectiveness of your skills compared to those of others is not always clear. Another way is to have awesome soft skills, the depth of which is much easier to prove—because the people around you will just feel it. In an article for Monster, Daniel Bortz highlights seven general soft skills that will fast-track your career.

Soft Skills for Hard Results

  1. Communication: Every time that you cannot write or speak succinctly, you are wasting someone’s time. The ability to communicate clearly and quickly is invaluable. If you need help improving your communication or presentation skills, Bortz recommends joining Toastmasters and attending their workshops.
  2. Teamwork: Companies are literally built around teamwork now, and lone wolves are becoming an endangered species. You need to want to work in groups that deliver more than the sum of their parts. Become a force multiplier.
  3. Adaptability: Even the best plans by the brightest people are subject to change, and you need to be ready to pivot with it. Refrain from allowing yourself to get too attached to the status quo. Always be thinking about the next step or the next technology that can make life easier for your team and the business.
  4. Problem-solving: If you are not willing to give an earnest shot at solving hard problems, why should anybody hire you?
  5. Critical observation: One of the biggest signs of a mediocre employee is a lack of attention to detail. Depending on which phrasing you prefer—God/the devil is in the details, and you should strive to be keen to them. Be looking for quirks and patterns in day-to-day activities and ask yourself what they might mean.
  6. Conflict resolution: In the office, when there is a fire, everybody runs away from it. If you can be the person who runs toward the fire and settles discrepancies and hostilities between people, that is a rare and valuable skill that will get noticed.
  7. Leadership: There is a leader in everyone if they make the concerted effort to cultivate it. Developing leadership ability means you can always be trusted to take charge of a difficult situation, because you have a vision and you are willing to see it through.

You can view the original article here: https://www.monster.com/career-advice/article/soft-skills-you-need

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