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14 Skills Every Professional Should Have

Regardless of your profession, there are some basic skills that you are expected to just develop over time. However, there are so many “basics” that you will inevitably be better at some of them than others. Where could you stand to improve your grasp on the fundamentals? In an article for Business Insider, Shana Lebowitz touches upon a whole 14 areas to consider!

The Spectrum of Professionalism

  1. Networking: Not a lot of people love networking, especially if it means having to go to special events and give your life story to everyone within earshot. So Lebowitz offers a great tip to take the pressure off: Instead of talking about yourself, ask other people what challenges they have and learn if you might be able to help. This is the fastest way to make an ally.
  2. Communicating via email: You have to learn to write concisely if your email is to be read and absorbed amid all the other messages in a person’s inbox.
  3. Writing a resume: There are oodles of advice about this, but here is one tip—include keywords from the job listing in your resume, but do it in a way that does not look glaringly obvious.
  4. Interviewing: Always exude confidence during an interview, and remember to send a thank-you email afterward that reinforces something from the interview.
  5. Giving a solid handshake: Shake like you mean it!
  6. Dressing for success: This can mean a lot of different things, depending on dress code.
  7. Negotiating your salary: Ask and ye shall receive—and vice versa. Do a mock negotiation with a friend first if that helps you articulate your argument for why you deserve more.
  8. Being on time: Not being punctual could be taken as a symptom of larger problems.
  9. Managing your time: Working 60 hours is not valuable to the business or you if that time was spent frivolously.
  10. Making your boss like you: Life is miserable if you cannot get along with your boss. Make the effort to do things that make your boss happy.
  11. Asking for advice: People are afraid to look weak by asking for help or advice, but research has shown that asking for advice actually makes you appear stronger for various reasons.
  12. Public speaking: Practice makes perfect. Learning to calm your nerves may require even more practice.
  13. Saying “no”: Being a “yes man” or woman is injurious for everyone in the long run. Learn to say no, or more specifically learn to articulate why you cannot just say yes.
  14. Getting enough sleep: A lot of people do not get enough sleep, which damages their productivity—and no, coffee is not a healthy substitute.

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