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10 Ways to Maximize Personal Development

People say, “If you’re not living, you’re dying.” Along those same lines, if you are not growing, then you are stagnating. In an article for Inc., Joel Trammell pinpoints 10 ways that you can keep pushing your personal development, so that you are always your best “you” at every point in your career:

  1. Hone a learning mindset.
  2. Examine your past decisions and how effective they were.
  3. Read regularly.
  4. Write regularly.
  5. Attend training programs.
  6. Teach what you know.
  7. Build self-awareness.
  8. Gather feedback.
  9. Find mentors.
  10. Cultivate peer relationships.


Many of these are pretty self-explanatory, but we can dive into the few worth elaboration. For instance, honing a “learning mindset” just means to consciously set aside time in each day to learn something new. Keep a block in your schedule that is not concretely tied to meetings.

Another one worth examining is the recommendation to write regularly. Writing—and publishing—regularly builds your prestige, and it also forces you to cultivate your positions and your communication skills. Any activity like this that challenges your critical thinking is a good one.

Lastly, about teaching what you know, Trammell shares this:

Ana Maria Sencovici of The River Group recently wrote that teaching is one of the most underused tools in leadership development. I agree. There is no better way to master something than by trying to impart your knowledge and skills to others. It makes you think about the material in new ways. In my experience, sometimes you learn more from your “students” than they do from you. Take advantage of opportunities to teach.

For some additional thoughts, you can view the original article here:

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