A Leadership Lesson from America’s Top-Rated CEO

Glassdoor has compiled a list of the top-rated CEOs in America, and the #1 spot has not gone to Jeff Bezos or the ghost of Steve Jobs. It has gone to Benno Dorer, CEO of Clorox, whom most people have never heard of in spite of his having the name “Benno.” What is it about this particular exec that makes him so effective? In an article for Inc., Justin Bariso parses apart Dorer’s own words to reveal a lesson for all leaders.

Beneficent Benno

Bariso homes in on one sentence that Dorer has said: “What I care about is results, versus how many hours you put in.” Dorer is not fixated on how many hours people are working or whether they are putting in those hours at the office or at home. As long as people take ownership of their work and produce a great result, Dorer is satisfied. And on top of that, other employees are satisfied too, because it means they are not chained to a desk.

This attitude is spreading to other businesses, and the tides are not likely to change anytime soon. Employees are just coming to expect more flexibility in their work, and the businesses who appease them will win more talent than those who are slower to change:

American entertainment company Netflix explained this in brilliant yet simple terms many years ago, in the Netflix culture deck–a presentation designed to codify the company’s culture and which is now available to the public.

“We don’t measure people by how many hours they work or how much they are in the office,” states one slide. “We do care about doing great work.”

The presentation goes on to explain that as business complexity increases, companies typically respond by creating more rules. But this tends to drive out good people.

Of course, you cannot just press a button and suddenly create a tele-workforce, nor should you want to. Common sense must be employed in how you roll out new flexibility. But the important thing right now is to get these conversations started.

You can view the original article here: https://www.inc.com/justin-bariso/americas-top-rated-ceo-just-taught-a-brilliant-lesson-in-leadership-here-it-is-i.html

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