12 Secrets to Keeping Employees Happy without a Raise

You cannot always afford to hand your team an extra sack of money for a job well done. In such cases, you need to get creative. In an article for Business News Daily, Marci Martin shares a dozen ways to keep employees happy, collected from leaders at assorted different businesses:

  1. Be transparent: People get nervous when they do not have the full story. Regularly employing honesty about the business and distributing feedback are how you keep employees feeling comfortable.
  2. Offer more vacation time: Nobody will complain.
  3. Make work-life balance a priority: People do not like to choose between family and careers. If you create an environment such that employees do not have to choose, they will reward you with greater retention rates.
  4. Encourage communication in common areas: In other words, encourage chitchat in the break rooms. You never know what serendipitous conversation might occur.
  5. Create a career pathway: Employees need to know there are greater heights worth pursuing in the business, or else they will move away to somebody else’s mountain.
  6. Build employees up: When employees put in great work, reward them by giving them a bigger challenge with more responsibility.
  7. Promote a positive work environment: Because why not?
  8. Set the example: It all begins at the top, after all.
  9. Recognize and reward employees: Okay, now we are getting into obvious territory.
  10. Always say ‘thank you’: Like I said—obvious territory. But it is true that far too many leaders forget to express gratitude for the work their employees do. Do not fall into that trap.
  11. Offer benefits beyond the basics: Throw in some life insurance, or a gym membership.
  12. Make employees part of the big picture: There is no business without them.

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