What Makes a Great Leader? 7 Pros Share Their Views

If there were one definitive perspective of what makes a great leader, people would stop writing books about what great leadership is. Instead, great leadership can mean different things at different times. So in an article for Business News Daily, Nicole Fallon collects insights from seven different business leaders in order to present a fuller spectrum of ideas on what makes a great leader:

  1. Leaders can get the best out of people.
  2. Leadership is all about giving and serving.
  3. Leadership requires ambition.
  4. Good leaders have a good attitude.
  5. Leadership means being in touch with your people.
  6. Leaders set the right example.
  7. Leaders can’t stand alone.

The Colors of Leadership

Great leaders can consistently push employees out of their comfort zones to keep achieving more. They do that in part by setting the example themselves, pushing themselves hard and pitching in to get the job done. They also get more out of employees by learning what it is that motivates them as individuals. In all instances, great leaders keep up morale by exuding a positive attitude, even when times are tough.

Tricia Sciortino, president of eaHELP, offers this advice about the value of giving serving:

It is lonely at the top, but that’s no excuse for not giving generously of your time, your experience and your encouragement to your team — and never expecting any of that in return. You are the person in the unique position of finding or uncovering strengths in people, leveraging them and celebrating them. If you’re going to lead, and lead well, you have to put it all out there every day, regardless of the outcome. Leaders who hold back will eventually hold their teams back.

Strong leaders are the ones who never stop having lofty ambitions. They always have a big vision to fulfill. And they have the wisdom to know that achieving that vision will be a group effort.

For additional thoughts, you can view the original article here: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/2730-leadership.html

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