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13 Ways to Regularly Support Your Employees’ Personal Development

If you are not supporting the people whom you lead, then you are no leader at all. This is especially true because there are so many different ways to support employees! In an article for Forbes, various business leaders share their tips for how to support employee growth:

  1. Create growth plans.
  2. Build in growth time.
  3. Set 90-day learning goals.
  4. Offer innovative learning experiences.
  5. Map out far-reaching benefits.
  6. Make development opportunities one-size-fits-all.
  7. Take an active interest in personal development.
  8. Think beyond formal training.
  9. Ask and listen.
  10. Create a culture of learning.
  11. Train managers to be mentors.
  12. Help your team learn from each other.
  13. Ask employees what they want and need.

Grow Today, Grown Up Tomorrow

Several of these tips just have to do with blocking out specific time in which employees pursue their own growth. Maybe you can help a person plan a year’s worth of learning in advance, or you can challenge employees to set a learning goal to be hit within 90 days. In either case, people can discuss their goals and cheer each other on. You might even consider allotting 10 percent of employees’ free time to specifically pursuing personal development (albeit development with tangible benefits for the business).

And about one-size-fits-all development opportunities, Alicia Reece of the Reece Group shares this:

The new generation of learning and development is grounded in one size fits one, being bite size and real-time accessibility. Understand the competencies and behaviors associated with the vision of the organization. From there, have managers get clear about what’s important individually for their employees. Next, provide an internal platform and external mediums to support development.

For further elaboration on the many above points, you can view the original article here:

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