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Leveraging the Power of Creative Collaboration

Many movies, from Ocean’s Eleven (meh) to Inception (nice!), play with the idea of uniquely talented people combining their skills to create huge successes. Such results are absolutely possible, albeit in a less flashy way, with robust teams in business too. But first, you need to allow them room to work. In an article for Forbes, David Villa describes how creative collaboration can generate big wins and new innovation.

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When it comes to great employees, collaborating with them is not optional—it is mandatory. How so? Simply, great employees will not just take orders like robots every day; they will want to inject their own ideas and creativity into the process. Likewise, they will leave for a better position if their superior skills and thinking are not being utilized to their satisfaction. So it is best to embrace collaboration now and let go of the urge to control everything too tightly.

Villa once heard someone say, “Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another,” and it has inspired him ever since:

Being an influential leader, motivating your team and capitalizing on each person’s varying strengths and perspectives will help you achieve your goal, but it doesn’t stop there. You will also need to know how to recognize potential when listening to other people’s ideas. As team members identify and explore their own strengths, weaknesses and skills, they gain an understanding of how combining the various skills of several individuals contributes to greater success than can be achieved by one person alone.

Ultimately, in situations where a decision must be made, the final choice is up to you. But employees need to believe that their voices have at least been respectfully considered in advance of making the decision. Making the best decisions will in fact require it. Trust your people to know what they are talking about.

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