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5 Tips to Keep Your Mind Sharp and Agile

People typically fall into routines, and once they get in routines, it can be hard to break them with new experiences. Thus, maybe you should make new experiences a part of your routine. In an article for Entrepreneur, Scott Halford shares five tips for having a daily routine that allows you to keep learning and expand your perspective:

  1. Read one article a day written by someone with an opposing opinion.
  2. Learn one radically new thing every day and apply it to your life.
  3. Teach someone something that you’re passionate about.
  4. Get deep sleep.
  5. Practice “awake sleeping” or reflection.

Big Ideas

When you read something that disagrees with what you believe to be true, it challenges you to consider other perspectives and get clearer on your own perspective. Even if you are convinced the other person is a loony, it is valuable to know how other people are really thinking and feeling. You can apply this perspective when you run into people with similarly loony attitudes back at the office.

Another good practice would be to learn one new thing per day, on various unrelated subjects. Innovation often occurs from observing something that works well in one area and applying it elsewhere. So bookmark some websites on diverse subjects—technology, science, business, fashion, whatever—and make it a point to read into some of the intriguing headlines.

One of the most effective ways to reinforce new knowledge learned is to teach that information to other people. So if you are excited about something you learned, look for other people who might also be curious to hear about it. The teaching will be healthy for everyone.

Lastly, restfulness is always important to keeping an active mind. About “awake sleeping,” Halford says this:

This is another way to allow the brain to find the new connections you’re looking for. Find a few times a day when you can turn off anything that electronically gets a hold of you and simply reflect on what your needs are and how things are going. Be open to the ideas that come flooding into the canals of your mind.

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