Are You a Responsible Leader?

Everyone with an ounce of self-awareness strives to be responsible, but what does it mean to be a responsible leader these days? Well, it means developing a comprehensive understanding of the business and business trends, so that your team is ready to embrace innovations as they strike. In an article for LinkedIn, the CEO of Rudder Fin, Kathy Bloomgarden, discusses three tips for responsible leadership:

  1. Responsible leadership means embracing game-changing technology.
  2. Responsible leaders recognize the significant relationship between purpose and emotional connection.
  3. Responsible leaders draw even more upon stakeholder engagement, adaptation, and communication.

Dutiful Excellence

New technology is everywhere, and it is proliferating exponentially. Knowing that it exists is the first step. Using imagination to consider how emerging technology might improve business processes or create innovation is the bigger second step. You may lead or be a part of just one team out of many in your business, but there is never something stopping your team from being the one that spearheads something new and exciting. Others will quickly take note of your initiative.

Bloomgarden’s second tip is particularly aimed at the Millennial workforce, who is known to be incentivized by things more than just money. In any case, it is commonly understood that people invest themselves more deeply in work when they believe that their work is making a positive difference. Thus, you should regularly try to articulate to your team why their work matters. It will be especially helpful if the mission statement of the business is one that clearly describes how it wants to positively improve society.

About the final tip, Bloomgarden offers this:

… with the uncertainty that comes with change, as one industry after another shifts the way customers interact with companies, [] there is a dramatic impact. This can lead to conflict amongst key players as some lose power and others assume commanding new positions. It is crucial to actively engage with customers, listening to their experiences as a way to gather valuable feedback and stay competitive as times change. Pursuing regular dialogue while also establishing a network of contacts is key, especially as markets experience disruption and transition.

You can view the original article here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/need-responsible-leadership-business-today-kathy-bloomgarden

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