4 Strategies That Inspire Creativity

Samuel B. Bacharach uses the analogy of the 15th century’s Lorenzo the Magnificent to extract strategies for creative thinking in an article for Inc. We will spare you the labored history lesson and just get to the good stuff.

Strategies for the 21st Century

Bacharach says to look for creative thinking, not creative temperaments. That means finding people who thrive in creative challenges and will not sulk when confronted with criticism. You should also make honest efforts to understand the creative process yourself, so that you understand what exactly you are asking others to do. A third thing to do is treat your most creative people as equals at the business table, rather than oddballs to pick up and put down as needed. And the last tip is to make sure you properly preserve the creative atmosphere you build, which means quashing in-fighting and getting people to work in harmony. Honestly, I think Bacharach just really wanted to talk about Lorenzo, but nobody at the History Channel would return his calls. Nevertheless, you can read the full article here:

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