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How to Finish What You Start: 10 Important Tips

When you temper your expectations and think realistically, finishing what you start becomes a lot easier. Personal excellence coach Celestine Chua provides ten tips for getting the work done.

Go Get ‘Em

Chua says to be selective about your projects, so that you only dedicate energy to work for which you are truly passionate. Estimate what resources you will need in advance, and budget time and energy accordingly. Fight the urge to get every detail perfect on the first go and focus on just having a product instead. Stay committed, and connect with your end vision, which means reminding yourself regularly how great the final product will be.

Track your progress, celebrate milestones, and order your work according to which parts you are most inspired to tackle at a given moment. But if you give it all you have got, and you just cannot muster any passion for it, it is okay to quit. Passions change! You can view the deep details on these tips at the full post:

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