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How to Fast-Track Your Team Member’s Growth

Employees need to be well-rounded and possess a multitude of abilities in order to be successful. A great project manager will want to manage the team members’ development. In a post at her blog, project leadership coach Susanne Madsen elaborates on how to help your team grow and develop.

Growth on a Timetable

Developing skills is an art that requires a great deal of time and patience, which is likely why managers push team growth to the side. However, confidence and presentation skills are just as valuable as any business skill. So how can a manager devote time towards team development without using up all the time he or she has?

Madsen proposes the idea of working with the entire team rather than each person individually. You could outline an entire plan for the group that gives them weekly topics to work on, like negotiating or interviewing. Having a new topic every week or every two weeks will help keep the team progressing forward, but still on a timely schedule.

After topics have been decided upon, ask one of the team members to prepare a short presentation. The research will allow for them to expand their knowledge on the subject, while the presentation itself helps to develop confidence and communication skills.

As the manager, it is your responsibility to listen and encourage the team during these mini-knowledge projects. You will want to keep them motivated with positive and only constructive feedback. Allow each individual to present a specific topic so they can all practice their communication skills, but encourage them to intently listen to the presentations so they too can learn.

This program will only work with manager commitment and encouragement, but it is a great “safe” environment in which individuals may grow. You can read the original post here:

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