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4 Habits for Planning Business Travel

If you want the easiest and most cost-effective business trip possible, it will require some foresight. Dan Ruch has four tips for better planning strategy in an article for Inc. First, read your company’s travel policy to learn what exactly the business agrees to cover in expenses and the extent of coverage. Second, in spite of the multitude of travel websites that exist, most of them actually draw from the same pool of information and do not vary much in prices, meaning you are probably better off sticking to one website that you like. Third, get started on the expense report early, as in as soon as all the reservations have been placed; then set a reminder after the finish of the trip to get together the remainder of the expense details. Finally, there are oodles of apps that want to help you plan and organize your trips, so study up and start using one or more of them. Together, these tips will make for a more intuitive travel planning experience. You can view the full article here:

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