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ITSM Tips They Don’t Always Tell You at ITIL School

As we understand well, you cannot learn everything you need to know in the classroom. Sometimes, things can only be truly learned in a real-world example. In a post at his blog, Joe the IT Guy elaborates on some skills that ITIL cannot successfully teach all by itself.

Life Lessons

ITIL books do an excellent job of emphasizing the importance of getting everyone to speak the same language; however, they fail to really explain how to make this a reality. People like to stick with what they know, especially when it comes to the language they speak. To completely adopt a new language is going to take patience and dedication. To begin with, craft a dictionary and acronym guide that is easily accessible to the team if they have any questions. Encourage the team to challenge the meanings of the words, and also, if appropriate, share the words with customers.

Many people are more than happy to share their service management program information, which is great, but it becomes a problem when a company directly copies it. Key performance indicators (KPIs) should be a reflection of your company, not someone else’s. Be sure you know your own service management program goals and how to define success. If you are looking at others’ numbers, only use it to measure where you stand within the industry. Additionally, always be sure to define specifically what success means to your own company.

It is important to remember that you cannot just implement new processes without adequately training your employees on how they work. Do not allow for initial training to be the only training. Continuously teach employees how to use the processes and make the extra effort to adequately train new employees; do not let current people be responsible for implementing the knowledge. Always remember practice allows for people to make mistakes and learn in a non-threatening environment. Practice makes perfect. Practice also ensures that teams are utilizing the process as it should be.

Some other things to keep in mind for the successful adoption of ITSM include:

  1. ITIL is not the secret to success but rather a framework.
  2. Center plans around the needs of your company.
  3. It is okay to see what other people have done, but never copy them.
  4. Success is the direct result of goals.

You can read the original post here:

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