7 Killer Tips for Logo Design

The business logo is the heart of branding. A bad logo might not kill a business, but it will incur a lot of extra upkeep that would otherwise not have been necessary. Lindsay Rothfeld writes for Mashable with seven tips for a great logo.

Designed to Succeed

Here are the tips in quick succession: Be as unique in your logo as possible, because if it looks like the Amazon logo, that is all anyone is ever going to say about it. Understand your brand so that the logo instantly appeals to the target demographic. Consider the power of what individual colors say about a business (like red equating to “energetic,” “bold,” “passionate,” etc.) and make very careful use of it. If your name is unique, you might be able to use just that as the logo, though then you deal with a myriad of font challenges. Keep it easy and flexible, again like in the Amazon logo, or the FedEx logo. In any case, do not expect your logo to inspire instant gangbuster sales; you are in it for the long game. And do not forget that the Internet is full of further tips and services to help you get the logo just right.

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