7 Fresh Ideas on How to Brand Your Business

The brand of the business is its clothes, its hairstyle, its attitude, so you had better get it just right. Liz Papagni writes with seven suggestions in an article for Business 2 Community.

Business Soul Searching

Branding begins with authenticity; if you pose the business as something it is not, the customers you attract will likely never be satisfied with what they receive. Openly acknowledge the things for which your business is not so useful. Build the brand from the inside-out, letting your employees and customers spread the gospel of what exactly makes the business so good. Likewise, take full advantage of options to reach out to existing customers. You will likely find the business’s branding falls roughly into a classic archetype that you can exploit. For instance, Papagni finds that Microsoft views itself as the kid next door, whereas Apple views itself as a visionary. In either case, what is happening is a business finds a way to be relatable to other people by expressing empathy in its messaging. You can drive this home with social responsibility programs that allow the business to give back to the community.

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