8 Tips for Staying Healthy in an Open Office

Open offices tend to be more inviting to people by design, but you know what else they invite? Deathly conglomerations of germs. In an article for Entrepreneur, Spencer Blackman provides eight tips to keep it clean.

The Open Germ Policy

Viruses often travel via saliva and mucus and get surprisingly far, so if someone is looking sick, keep your distance. Generally speaking, wash your hands thoroughly, allowing at least fifteen seconds to just lather your hands. Use disinfectant wipes to clean off commonly shared surfaces. And since stress is the silent killer, and people almost certainly contribute to that stress, look for ways to take back some privacy now and then. Ask if you can work remotely sometimes if necessary. Otherwise, tune out the noise in the office with some relaxing music. If you find yourself getting sick in spite of your best efforts, start treating yourself immediately and with gusto, as it just might decrease the length of sickness. The rest of the time, just keep popping Vitamin D and trying to maintain a healthy diet.

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