5 Tips to Stay Healthy If You Sit at a Computer All Day

If you are reading this article, yeah, you probably sit at a computer all day. But that does not mean you cannot become a lean, mean health machine. John Patrick Pullen provides five tips for Time.

The Code for Health

The first thing to do is make sure the top of your monitor or monitors are eye-level with you, as it is ideal to have your eyes looking down about 10 degrees. Anything else could cause back or neck aches, or contribute to giving you dry eye. As for your posture, one doctor actually recommends doing chin retractions (“making a double chin”) in order to support your neck and back, since the head is basically a “bowling ball” putting stress on the body when you sit. If you have the capability to work with a sit-stand station, or an outright standing desk, go for it. Even better, maybe you can convince somebody to hook you up with a treadmill desk, which can help you burn an extra hundred calories per hour. In any case, just remember to build in little breaks for yourself throughout the day, so your brain has time to refresh itself. Maybe use something like the 25-minute-on, 5-minutes-off Pomodoro Technique.

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